The Brand

Daniele Zaccone the inspiring mind behind DanielRe Collection also known as Danielre is a fashion designer considered one of the best menswear influencer in the world, a man who presents a lifestyle that personifies classical male elegance and italian style.

With inspiration from style greats Gianni Agnelli and the Duke of Windsor, the DanielRe Collection is first and foremost about passion and traditional Italian craftsmanship using the most classic styles.

DanielRe's aesthetic elegance in ten years has influenced thousands of people around the world through his style that has inspired the entire field of elegance, today DanielRe Collection is worn by celebrities, internationally renowned entrepreneurs, sports champions, actors and all those people who love the uniqueness of being.The entire collection is personally designed by Daniele Zaccone in Italy and expresses his passion for high-level refined craftsmanship, timeless elegance and sartorial luxury.

Our mission has always been the pursuit of perfection, from wearability to comfort combined with the high quality construction of our clothes and the selection of the finest materials,with the possibility of the widest customization to obtain a unique product capable of satisfying every customer's desire.

We think style is just not the proper way to dress or match and coordinate an outfit, but that it can serve as a stimulus to the personalities of the people in their work and their life. The way you dress should be an extension of how you choose to live your life. It is this essence that is the DanielRe Collection.