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Size Mould Starter Pack

Size Mould Starter Pack

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We at the Danielre Collection understand that purchasing a suit can be daunting as all brands have different sizes and fits. To accomodate and make your purchase easier, we have introduced our e-tailoring size mould and fabric range starter pack. 

For €60.00 you will receive 2 size moulds (your choice of sizes) and the Danielre Collection fabric range. Should you go through with your purchase, we will credit you €60.00 to your first purchase!


1. Choose 2 sizes closest to your body type.

2. We will send your requested sizes along with the fabric swatches.

3. Once received, try on the size mould to see which sizes best suits. 

4a. If one of your selected moulds fit perfectly, thats great! You can simply move on to making your purchase!

4b. If your size mould still doesn't quite fit right, your pack will include  a complimentary measuring tape, tailoring pins and chalk. You can use the measuring tape to communicate your amendments to our customer service team for your final purchase. 

In the event that you're still not confident with your adjustments. The tailoring pins and chalk are also available for you to make your adjustments to your size mould. Once you have made your adjustments, please communicate with the customer service team to arrange for the size mould to be sent back to our tailors.

(Note : depending on the amount of adjustments, additional fees may be incurred).

5. All the hard work is done! Our workshop will record any adjustments made for all your future purchases. Breathe easy knowing your purchase will fit you!


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